Give Young People Experience of your Workplace

Give Young People Experience of your Workplace

The pandemic has caused everyone to rethink the world of work. It is more important than ever for young people to have a better idea of what their future may look like and you can help. We have put together a digital guide rich with information and resources from employers and organisations to help you understand the impact your organisation could have.

Bridge the gap between education and employment

When you think about work experience, do you think it is too complex and time consuming? Feel you do not have the resources to deliver? Things have changed and we can help you make it easy and effective!

There are many ways to deliver an experience of the workplace for young people, in addition to a work experience placement. See here for inspiration on other ways you can provide a workplace experience.

Step by Step Guide

We’ve put together a Step by Step Guide to support employers who are interested in providing a young person with an experience of their workplace.

Providing these experiences is not only invaluable to young people but also to your organisation. It helps to build a young person’s confidence, offers new perspectives, develops your current workforce and creates a candidate pipeline for future recruits.

You may think organising experiences of the workplace is a challenge but it really doesn’t have to be! We’ve put together a variety of high-quality resources to help you throughout the entire process, walking you through planning, preparation and delivery, whilst providing you with practical resources to download.

With our guidance and insight from other experienced employers, you can ensure young people gain invaluable exposure to the world of work to prepare them for their future career.


Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is vital to employers. Different perspectives encourage innovation enabling your business to reach its full potential.

By providing a diverse range of young people with experiences of the workplace, you’re opening doors to creativity, new ideas, employee engagement and the ability to better understand your customers.

EngineeringUK explains in their Virtual Work Experience Working Group report just how crucial it is to provide equal opportunities to all. It’s important that students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and young people with SEND can access virtual work experience opportunities.

Further Reading

If you’re searching for more in-depth information and reports surrounding work experience, why it’s beneficial to your business and to students, then explore our Further Reading section.

Here you will find a variety of resources from career and education experts, charities and employers, who can provide supporting evidence to your organisation, as well as assisting with planning, preparing and delivering meaningful experiences of the workplace.