When offering young people experiences of the workplace it’s important to have all the key documents, policies and procedures that need to be in place.

We’ve done the groundwork for you and collated a range of useful information which will help you to provide invaluable experiences of the workplace.

How will you deliver workplace experiences?

Are you thinking about virtual work experience, face to face or a blended mix of both? If you’re opting for online work experience, you will need to think about whether you would like to carry this out live, pre-recorded or offer a mixture.

To include an activity under Benchmark 6, it must meet the following minimum requirements. Use these requirements as best practice guidelines:

  • Learning outcomes are defined, based on the age and needs of students.
  • Student meets a range of people from the workplace.
  • There is extensive two-way interaction between the student and employees.
  • Student must perform a task or produce a piece of work relevant to that workplace and receive feedback on it from the employer.

Employers are telling us that young people engage well in online activities and the quality of engagement has in some cases been higher than in face-to-face settings.

– The Careers & Enterprise Company


  • The Design Principles of Preparing Virtual Work Experience

    The Design Principles of Preparing Virtual Work Experience

    Shared by Movement to Work and Accenture
    Explore tips to help you understand how a programme should be structured, what technology and equipment is required and why research is important for designing a successful virtual work experience programme.
  • Embracing the virtual work experience

    Embracing the virtual work experience

    Shared by Capgemini
    Capgemini shares how they transferred their work experience programme online and you can do it too!
  • A ‘How To’ Guide - Virtual Experiences of the Workplace

    A ‘How To’ Guide - Virtual Experiences of the Workplace

    Shared by Greater Lincolnshire Enterprise Adviser Network
    Download this fully comprehensive guide which covers all the preparation task you need to complete before delivering virtual experiences of the workplace
  • Virtual Work Experience FAQs

    Virtual Work Experience FAQs

    Shared by Fortem
    This guide collates the most frequently asked questions from employers who are preparing for work experience.
  • Guidance on Technology

    Guidance on Technology

    Shared by The Careers & Enterprise Comany
    COVID-19 has been a catalyst for moving delivering experiences of the workplace online. This report includes useful information about what is available and how to use it.
  • Pathways to Law

    Pathways to Law

    Shared by Womble Bond Dickinson
    A great example of a virtual experience of the workplace programme looking at careers in law.
  • Virtual Work Experience Programme

    Virtual Work Experience Programme

    Shared by Jacobs Engineering
    A great example of a virtual experience of the workplace programme centred around the design of a Coronavirus vaccine research facility.
  • Guide to Virtual Events

    Guide to Virtual Events

    Shared by the West of England Cornerstone Group
    Considerations for online events and activities.
  • Designing resources

    Designing resources

    Rebecca Goodwin, Regional Customer and Community Manager, Fortem
    Rebecca shares Fortem’s five day virtual work experience programme aligned to the Skills Builder Framework.
  • Working with a provider

    Working with a provider

    Leighton Johnson, Early Career Manager, Airbus
    Learn about the pros and cons of moving experiences of the workplace online with the help of a specialist provider.
  • Virtual work experience programme 2021

    Virtual work experience programme 2021

    Shared by HS2
    Be inspired by HS2’s case study about their 2021 virtual work experience programme that was initially designed for students who had deferred a university place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but was later opened up to other students.

Engaging your Organisation

Consider ways to align your workplaces experience with your wider organisational culture and priorities. This will help to shape job descriptions and the resources below provide good examples of employers using this in practice.

Recruit volunteers to support the activities you are designing. Engage them early to ensure you have the resources you need, for example you will need to prepare someone to oversee the induction and delivery of the work experience.

Ensure your employees understand what is required of them and bear in mind that they may need someone to help with their own workload if you’re planning a comprehensive programme.

See some excellent examples of other organisations’ programmes for ideas below.


Employer Insight: An SME Virtual Tour

Employer Insight: An SME Virtual Tour

Narrated by Daletech's CEO
Use this exciting virtual tour, narrated by the company’s CEO, as an example of how you can pre-record experiences to help young people to understand your workplace.
Virtual Work Experience Job Description Example

Virtual Work Experience Job Description Example

Shared by Tesco
Download this job description as an example for engaging and promoting your virtual work experience to young people to amend for your needs.
How to Inspire Young People to Join Your Organisation

How to Inspire Young People to Join Your Organisation

Shared by NHS Health Education England
With support from the NHS, we’ve put together a guide to help you inspire young people to join your organisation and why it’s important to focus on your workforce of tomorrow.


The NSPCC is there to help with safeguarding and child protection.

They offer online training courses to help stay safe online and also have a consultancy service for any extra support and guidance you may need.

Ultimately safeguarding responsibility lies with the school or college, however employers should be aware of the requirements and always consider safeguarding when planning.

Read more about the steps you should take to ensure you are taking the required steps when working with young people.

Basic safeguarding principles apply whether working face to face or virtually.

– EngineeringUK Virtual Work Experience Working Group


Top Tips for virtual work experience (VWEX) Employers

Top Tips for virtual work experience (VWEX) Employers

Shared by the Education Development Trust
This resource provides health and safety guidance, how to deal with student email accounts, cohort sizes and much more.
FAQS Young People, The Law & Insurance

FAQS Young People, The Law & Insurance

Shared by Build UK and Class of Your Own
This document contains key information on the law, insurance, safeguarding, health and safety procedures.
 Virtual Work Experience resources

Virtual Work Experience resources

Coca-Cola EuropeanPacific

Get inspired! Explore Coca-Cola’s interactive virtual work experience programme. This microsite is the tool to be used by young people so they can experience a variety of roles and take several challenges across the business.