When delivering experiences of the workplace, it helps if your programme is engaging, interactive and develops employability skills. We have worked with employers to provide you with a range of high-quality resources which you can use to put your plan into practice.

It can be done!

We’ve pulled together a wide range of practical and inspirational tools from employers who have delivered virtual experiences of the workplace. Scroll down to find how they did and gain insight on good practice for good delivery.

How to Deliver

Good practice for good delivery

It’s important to help students to get the most out of their work experience. There are a number of good practices for employers to follow. This includes ensuring students get to experience a variety of roles by rotating around different areas of the business enabling them to expand and hone their employability skills.

It can be particularly useful to assign a mentor to the student for individual support. You should also create a timetable so everyone is aware of how the programme is structured. We have some great templates for you to download below.

Give students the opportunity to reflect on their key learnings and experiences and always offer feedback. Providing young people with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses is vital to ensuring they can improve and continue to grow their workplace skills.

It’s equally important for you to ask participants to share feedback too, so you can measure the effectiveness of the programme and incorporate and improve on the learning for future sessions. For a comprehensive list of good practices, you can download and explore our resources below.

Online engagement with employers can complement but never completely substitute face-to-face experiences. Aim for a blended approach to maximise your impact.

– The Careers & Enterprise Company – Careers in Context

Templates to Get You on the Way

Below is a wide range of templates to help you to coordinate experiences of the workplace. These resources give you an example of how you can structure the experience to increase the value to young people. They will also support you when thinking about key tasks such as reflections and feedback. You can use these templates as guidelines for your own organisation and amend to suit your needs.

  • Virtual Work Experience Timetable

    Virtual Work Experience Timetable

    Shared by Tesco
    You can download this virtual work experience timetable which covers welcome sessions, meet the team, workshops and career talks.
  • Virtual Work Experience Activities

    Virtual Work Experience Activities

    Shared by Morgan Sindall
    From the induction to virtual tours and meet the management, you can use this template to structure your own virtual work experience activities.
  • Personal Branding Programme

    Personal Branding Programme

    Shared by Birmingham Cornerstone Employers
    This resource helps students to gain vital employability skills through reflection. You can download this for ideas. This resource can be successfully integrated into a work experience programme.
  • An Example of a Virtual Work Experience Timetable

    An Example of a Virtual Work Experience Timetable

    Shared by Education Development Trust
    Download this timetable to use during the delivery of your own virtual work experience programme. Includes icebreakers, codes of conduct and reflection opportunities.
  • Daily Diary For Students

    Daily Diary For Students

    Shared by Morgan Sindall
    A useful daily diary to encourage students to reflect on the experiences they have gained throughout the day.
  • Digital Workbook For Students

    Digital Workbook For Students

    Shared by Lendlease
    Download this sample activity for support with setting students tasks during virtual experiences of the workplace.
  • Organising a Virtual Experience Week

    Organising a Virtual Experience Week

    Shared by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
    Guidance on how to plan a successful experience of your workplace.

It can be done!

Preparation is key to delivering effective and meaningful experiences of the workplace.

We asked employers and students to share examples of their own virtual work experience programmes and have collated a range of feedback and key recommendations for you to implement into your own programme.

Employers shouldn’t be afraid to go back to the basics. It’s important to remember that for many students, this will be the first time in the workplace.

– Educational Development Trust


  • Blueprint: Virtual Experience of the Workplace

    Blueprint: Virtual Experience of the Workplace

    Shared by the Mayor of London’s Office
    This resource contains ideas for work experience sessions that you can utilise within your organisation.
  • Work Experience Guide for Organisers

    Work Experience Guide for Organisers

    Shared by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)
    Learn which elements make up a good work experience placement and frameworks you need to consider.
  • A Virtual Tour of Our Workplace

    A Virtual Tour of Our Workplace

    Shared by Severn Trent
    Here is an example of a quickly made video of the workplace that was easy to do, informative and provides valuable insight of a place of work.
  • Inspiring young people at Hinkley Point C

    Inspiring young people at Hinkley Point C

    Shared by EDF Energy
    Hear the impression made on young people from their experience at Hinkley Point C power station. This video highlights the importance of encouraging young people to explore the world of work while gaining hands-on experience.
  • How Can Students Progress Their Career

    How Can Students Progress Their Career

    Shared by Skills for Care
    This resource is a great example of how you can inform students to start and progress a career within your industry.
Blended Delivery

Blended Delivery

The Best of Both Worlds

Virtual experiences of the workplace are essential during lockdown, but cannot replace face to face. Whilst we look to a future where a blended offering is the norm, watch the impact an onsite visit can have with a glimpse of the Hinkley Point C Inspire Programme.