Thank you. Isn’t it brilliant when a plan comes together?

This digital guide has been enriched by all the organisations who feel as passionately as we do about offering young people experiences of the workplace. We are grateful for the time given, the experiences shared and the resources that have been donated. Scroll down to see all the organisations who have taken part and how employers can get involved.

How Employers Can Work with The Careers & Enterprise Company

Help young people make informed decisions.

There are many ways employers can work with The Careers & Enterprise Company. Employers who open their doors give students a real world view of what their future could look like. It helps schools, colleges and sixth forms connect education with the world of work. And, it can create a new talent pool who are passionate about what you do.

Visit The Careers & Enterprise Company’s Employers and Volunteers page to find out more.

Our Contributors

Thank you to all the wonderful employers and organisations who have contributed to this site.

This resource is dynamic and will be refreshed and updated to reflect changes to our world due to the pandemic so employers everywhere can continue being inspired. If you have a story to share or resources you think will help make this site even better, please get in touch.